Byrd-Krap The Name, History And What It’s About!

Hello my nickname is Byrd and “Pottsy” is my father. I’m currently the acting CEO of Built By Pottsy LLC. Back in the time frame of 2012 my father promoted me at 8-yrs of age to the acting CEO. I have taken great pride over the years to talk to him and help in many aspects of the business. One of the coolest things is the fact that he listens to my opinions and asks me for them. One of the first things I did as CEO was to help setup the Channel-lock scrap plier arrangement. We really take pride in turning Channel-lock scrap in to a cool unique Built By Pottsy item. Thanks for the support Channel-Lock!


At a young age I designed two little robot looking things, Dad welded them together for me and I had BJ Meyer powder coat them. I called them Marv & Marvet (Pictured Above) and you can find them in the back part of dad's shop watching over things. I wanted to start selling little things that I designed just like my dad. So on a Sunday afternoon dad came up with the name “Byrd-Krap” and he designed the logo and secured the domain name. That there is how Byrd-Krap was born.

Once Byrd-Krap was a part of things Dad figured he would use it. He has always been willing to help where and when he can, so over the years he used the Byrd-Krap web page as a place to run fundraisers and raffles to help local organizations and people. Chances are if you’ve been to the Byrd-Krap page over the last 3-years, it was more than likely for something he was doing.

This is where I come in to play. Dad has been buying Built By Pottsy logoed items for years. Anything from can koozies, t-shirt, hats to coats. If you run in to him rarely will you catch him without something on that has his the Built By Pottsy logo on it. He always says “You Must Brand Everything” and boy oh boy he does. Over the last couple years I have been hearing people and customers ask about buying Built By Pottsy shirts. So I had the idea to ask Dad to help me set up my own little shirt and merchandise site under Byrd-Krap. Of course he was excited to help and jumped in feet first. So dad and I came up with a plan, I am starting small with my own savings and going to grow it over a couple years. I’m starting out with some cool basic tshirts. I want to expand into women V-neck shirts and then in to other cool stuff. For now everything we have is listed below and you can securely buy items via PayPal. When you use the PayPal cart it allows you to continue to shop and add things to the cart before you check out. Once done shopping you can safely checkout using PayPal and a credit card.

For now items are limited in quantities because I am just starting out and don’t have much to invest in to my little business. I have a goal of putting myself through college with my little business. That is why I am starting to grow it now. I’m a freshman in high school so please bear with me as I'm learning.

If you have any question at all please feel free to text or call “Pottsy” my dad. Here's his number 330-415-4132.


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Byrd Krap T-shirts Are Here!

 Gildan DryBlend

Shipping Included

Official Flower-O-Holic Shirt #18-0047

Color: Red Heather Sports Scarlet



Back – BBP Logo With "Official Flower-O-Holic

Left Sleeve Has Byrd Krap Logo







Texas Orange Built By Pottsy Logo

Texas Orange BBP Logo

Front – BBP Standard Logo Texas Orange #19-0001



Back – BBP Standard Logo Texas Orange #19-0001


 Right Sleeve Has Byrd Krap Logo








Sapphire Blue Built By Pottsy Logo

Sapphire Blue BBP Logo

 Front - BBP Standard Logo Sapphire Blue #19-0002


Back – BBP Standard Logo Sapphire Blue #19-0002


Left Sleeve Has Byrd Krap Logo







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